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Challenging painting with Bartosz Beda

Published on 10 May 2016 by Guillaume

It takes only a couple of seconds to see if a painter is talented. Then one hopes they’re consistent and prolific, and this is why we love Bartosz Beda. There are a lot of his paintings we would like to have on our walls, and the good news is, he’s still a young painter which means there’s a lot more to come.

A piece of work is finished in a way that is satisfactory. That means problems have met their challenges and found their solutions and challenges I set for each painting.

Bartosz Beda

Copyright Bartosz Beda

Bartosz, what kind of painting techniques are you using for your work?

I don’t have a specific technique. I operate with skills I gained over the years. I started when I was 7 years old. I am painting mainly in oils on canvas, panel and paper. I also use acrylics for smaller works on paper. I believe that skills are very important, but they don’t define the final piece of art. A piece of work is finished in a way that is satisfactory. That means problems have met their challenges and found their solutions and challenges I set for each painting.

As a painter, I must consciously be aware of every brush stroke, whether it is controlled or accidentally applied on the painting surface. If I want to control the process, then I have to be aware of what I am doing and where my work is going.

All art has something to do with physical materials. For my work I use not only brushes, but also all kinds of tools, such as, cardboards, paper, kitchen wrap, sponge, plastic and so on. Anything that can help me with applying paint is useful. A good example of use of scrapes, precut plastics and cardboards is a painting “Feeling Good About Things” from 2015. This painting has a painted figure on it, which is surrounded and enclosed by a different forms or flat surfaces of applied paint. I play with a surface painting. Oil paints are great medium to play with. I can allow paint to dry completely and then come back to the painting, or paint wet on wet and literally mix a paint on the canvas surface.

Another example of the manipulating of thin layers of translucent oil paint is a painting series “Flat Emotion”. I was able to depict different light sources and dimensions in the painting. The other parts of the painting have a thick applied paint and it is not a random application, but a thoughtful study of fabric, eyes and other elements of the painting. I observed different kinds of surfaces and textures. The central figure has a lot of detail and this part of the painting catches our attention. I aim to capture and hold the close attention of the viewers, and lead them to meditate on the details and take part in the conversation that painting offers. Painting has a lot of layers, which can be discovered by careful study in person.

9. Silent Recollection, oil on panel, 38x28cm, 2015, Bartosz Beda

Copyright Bartosz Beda

What is your source of inspiration?

Painting for me is an experience which occurs continuously as it happens, through the studio interaction and its environment. This experience of studio practice is my source of inspiration. When I was at the Manchester School of Art, I was interested in image source and my paintings were about the images I found online or through books and magazines. Nowadays, I use them as a reference point to help me to start a painting, but they are not my main reason to paint anymore. Lately I am inspired by colour. I read a lot about colour and psychology of colour. That is my source of inspiration right now. The images I use as a starting point only help me in creating, but I’ve stopped copying them into the canvas surface.

8. Silent Interior II, oil on panel, 38x28cm, 2015, Bartosz Beda

Copyright Bartosz Beda

Are you currently working on a new collection?

Yes, I am working on two bodies of work right now. One body of my new work refers to Francis Bacon. Often times people have compared my work to Francis Bacon’s work, so I decided that this time I would focus on this phenomena. Francis Bacon was one of my favorite artists when I was at school, but I never really thought that I was influenced by his work. I don’t hear this from people anymore, but I have decided to explore that subject intentionally. For this body of work I decided to take some elements from Francis Bacon paintings and paint it in my way.

The second body of current work is related to politics. I am inspired by recent events in Poland associated with Lech Walesa, who is a well-known person for his courage and fight for the independence of Poland. I am using images of him when he was younger during the transformation in Poland. It was an important lesson for all of us that we should be happy with the freedom we have now. Sustaining a piece and care for environment should always be our priorities.

Are you planning your future works or are you simply following your intuition?

A little bit of both, but mainly I follow my intuition. I still learn and I still am trying to understand painting. There is a lot of great art out there, but I want to understand my role in the painting world and leave an influential mark for future generations.

12. Bartosz Beda Studio, Work in Progress

Bartosz Beda’s studio

Official website: http://bartoszbeda.com

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