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Who Cares What The Laser Says?

Published on 24 Apr 2016 by Guillaume

​White Wine is back and we got lucky to get in touch with Joe Haege. A new album always comes as a surprise and Who Cares What The Laser Says is a good one. The more you listen to it, the more you appreciate the different layers of creativity and this fresh approach Joe Haege brings to all his projects.

White Wine

Joe, what does the laser say?

The laser is a weapon. The laser is a joke. The laser is the 80’s. The laser is the future. The laser isn’t sexy. The laser is exactitude. The laser is fact. The laser made me do it. The laser wouldn’t do that. The laser can kill you. The laser can play a million songs and videos at once. The laser is light. The lasers is everything. Who cares what the laser says?

I know there’s a new member in the band, can you tell us about him?

Christian “Kirmes” Kuhr is our 3rd member. He’s someone that Fritz and I knew through mutual friends and because of his other band, Zentral Heizung of Death. He’s a phenomenal drummer and very easy going, good guy to be in a band with. Sometimes I still can’t believe how lucky we go to be working with him.

What was the lyrics inspiration for the new album?

My approach to lyrics never is something I plan on. In fact, I’ve never written a song thinking “oh, I should sing about (xxxxx)”. Usually the words come on their own and then I choose them over time. HOwever, for a song like “Where’s My Line” I wrote it in 2 nights while walking back and forth from the studio.

For an entire album, I really have to step back when it gets close to being done and decide “ok, what the hell is going on here?” This new album definitely had more outward looking than the last 2, so I knew I wanted to work in that direction. Once the title “Who Cares What The Laser Says” quit being a joke and started being serious I knew I had some sort of guiding light. Of course, I still decided to start the album with something not about any of that.

How would you describe your musical evolution?

My musical evolution….wow. Um, I guess I would say it’s been a long road of realizing my perception of genres, convention and expectations are based on a world of punk rock/underground music that seems to be pretty much gone. When I was young the new, different and unexpected sound was something that got people excited. Now I feel like that the general public wants nothing more than playback from a certain decade or genre, with everything in it’s right place.

I’ve tried really hard to fuse my overall life view with my songwriting, and that means embracing and accepting my humanity. I’m complicated. I love very avant and weird music as much as I love a good pop song. I also love a rap verse like nothing else. My goal is to take everything that inspires me, mix it up, make sure it has me in their, and then spit it back out. I know that I don’t always “succeed” or write hits, but I know its me.

White Wine Cover

Do you already have an idea of which direction you would like to go next?

I ALWAYS have an idea of what to do next. The problem is that I have too many ideas! Fritz’s parents are classical saxophone / clarinet players, so I think I really want to try and get that going. I think it would be a life goal to have actual classical musicians play this dumb kids compositions!

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