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Fine and provoking art with Jone Vasaitis

Published on 28 Apr 2016 by Guillaume

Most photographers tend to just take nice shots without proposing more, but Jone Vasaitis is not one of them. She tells stories with stunning and quite experimental photos. Each picture brings some questions about the scene and some pleasure to the mind. I’m really happy when I get to find an artist like her, someone who’s shaking things to see how they look from a different points of view.

Jone, do you remember when you took your first picture?

That’s a question! Honestly, I have never thought about it. It must have been with “Zenit” of my older brother when I was a kid. As far as I remember, he was always spinning around with a camera taking tones of family photos. I think hours spent in a dark room and processing negatives is one of the best memories related to him (he passed away when I was a teen). I’ve got my own camera which was far away from professional as a gift maybe when I was around 16. Yes, now I remember myself holding a photo of cranberries which I took in the forest and thinking: “That’s stupid.”

Robbed of a Childhood
Copyright Jone Vasaitis

How would you describe your style?

My style? You caught me here. I find it very difficult to stick to one and single style. Technically I understand that what I have to do is just to pick up one, focus and improve it constantly. But how to follow this general rule when there are so many external stimuli all around? It’s exciting to create something minimalist or something exploding in details equally. If I were any younger, I would say that I’m still searching and experimenting with various styles, but I’m old enough to admit that it’s nothing more, just a plain artistic multipolar disorder.

Copyright Jone Vasaitis

What’s inspiring you in general?

Definitely people. I mean, have you ever seen such a complicated and primitive creature at the same time? Paradox, but we all are unique and nearly identical at the same time, and that is a bit confusing. I often hear artists saying that through the artworks they convey their inner world and that it all is an expression of their subconsciousness. I personally see myself more as a crooked mirror reflecting back what I notice.

Another huge source of inspiration is music. Did you know that sometimes I listen to the same song for hours? It might be replaying for thousands of times until I finish my creation. Then it becomes a “not so favorite song” of course (smiling).

Copyright Jone Vasaitis

Are you following a specific work process or do you improvise?

Always a process. I think improvisation is OK only in street photography or snapshots of family meetings. When the idea is born, I rethink it several times and try to imagine the final result. If the photo session is private, I try to know those people as good as possible in the given period of time. It’s not that I care about the details of their biography. No. What I care is to see what is hiding behind their smiles, their body language, what message their eyes are sending. If a photographer can be sensitive to such things, photo session turns into a pleasant collaboration with mutual trust.

The same happens with fine art photography. Circle is not only a circle and blue is not just a color. Everything has its meaning and sometimes it takes a bit more time to make a research what one or other thing might symbolize in different cultures. And only after all that to fulfill the technical side is left.

What would like to achieve as an artist?

Most of the artists are dreaming to do what they like and to be paid for that, and I’m not the exception here. But I also want to give something more. Still didn’t figure out what will it be, but I want to give and it’s going to be big.

Official website: jonevasaitis.com

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