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Glacial from Glass Mountain

Published on 16 May 2016 by Guillaume

Those who really look for great new bands will find them. Stop listening to the main stream radio and check out what kind of pearls you can find on Bandcamp for instance. This is what happened to me, I was after some fresh music and I found it. Even more lucky, those musicians from the UK are really responsive and friendly people. So now, let’s talk a bit with Glass Mountain:

We record all our rehearsals, as we find jamming is where the magic lives.

Harry from Glass Mountain
Glass Mountain

Harry, how did the project Glass Mountain start?

Me and William knew each other from previous bands, we were both at a loose end over the summer and wanted to get on with all things musical so we got together and just wrote loads of ideas, nothing finished just on the spot ideas, after the first time went so well we got together more often and it became apparent we needed a drummer, William knew of Jonny, I think it was a Sunday afternoon we got together and just played for hours. The first draft of our single ‘Glacial’ came from our first get together as a three piece, so putting that out first was cool. As we developed new tracks in the studio, we decided another guitar was needed in the band. I study with Lewis and had wrote a few ideas together in the past so he came along to a rehearsal and well it clicked. And here we are!

What’s the usual working process of a new track?

We record all our rehearsals, as we find jamming is where the magic lives, as cringey as that sounds ha. At the first few rehearsals we had keywords on the wall: Yearning, Sorrow, Drama and Heartache. Having those keywords up really helped us find our sound and I think on or off the wall, they are in the back of all our heads.

We will play around with loads of ideas and then bounce the recording session down and listen back, usually the next day. We make a structure from that basically, choose which bits we love and which should be changed and also gain a tempo idea. We then come back to rehearsal with a clearer idea of the ideas from last time, at this point it sounds more like a song. Then we hit the recording stage.

What can you tell us about the upcoming EP “Glacial”?

The Glacial EP is a collection of songs from the past year this band has been going, we spent the last year locked away writing and recording songs for ourselves. We never planned a release or even how many songs we wanted on the EP, so we could still have been in the studio now writing double the amount of songs haha. We all felt the same way, there were enough songs and we then chose the single and finally the debut EP. We couldn’t be more proud of it.

How would like your music to evolve?

Well, our musical influences are far and wide, so it’s likely that there will be more twists and turns in our future songs and records, but the most important thing to us is that the whole band feels happy; that we have put all our passion into each song, that we feel bonded to it, like it has Glass Mountain DNA. And when it does, there are no restrictions on us being ambitious in the studio, so long as it’s honest and heartfelt.

Official website: http://www.glassmountainband.com

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