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Linadrena – The story of my first album “The journey”

Published on 6 Jan 2015 by Guillaume

Posted by Linadrena on linadrena.com

I’d like to take the chance to share a bit of the story of the journey, my first album.

Being an instrumental album, there are no lyrics to describe the ideas behind the music. Only the emotional imprint left by the melodies, the tracks’ titles and artwork indicate a direction, but this is subjective; so I thought I would add a few more words to the story.

This album was entitled as “The journey” for two reasons: firstly because the story of the music as told through different tracks and emotional evocation, and secondly for my personal path since the first melodies were composed in Paris until the last touch here in Australia.

Some of these compositions have been started back in 2006, “paintings” for instance holds a based composed around this time in my small room in Paris. Tracks like “equilibrist”, “remember Einstein’s definition of insanity”, “the variables”, “underwater” are coming from the same period. Of course they’ve changed through the journey, only “underwater” has kept the original score, except that it was first composed for acoustic guitar.


Here is the musical story:

The journey is inspired by the desire for a new life, a desire that leads Linadrena to perform feats of balance; this is why he becomes an equilibristHe is exposed to the unsteadiness of the new environment and has to undergo the turbulence of the elements. Shaken, he experiences dizziness when he tries to resist, so he must adapt. He will then hold on and remember Einstein’s definition of insanity. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Linadrena reminds himself this every single day by finding some perspective and new angles in his life. These new situations bring the variables, the unexpected, as would be the act of crossing the ocean… He goes sailing the waters. His tiny boat and the storm are at war. This is a ravaging experience, the storm becomes more and more violent. The only way to save the ship from breaking is to hide underwater for a little while. Exploring this hidden world and holding his breath give him a peaceful state of mind before slowly going back to the surface. Here, he gains the strength and the desire to find himself climbing the Rock, the beautiful and powerful Rock. The higher he climbs, the more intense the light and the colours are. The warmth and the bliss are overwhelming, he runs to pick the colours. The beauty and the intensity of these tints are printing his mind. He doesn’t want to leave them or forget what he has seen. He starts to work on some paintings, inspired by these amazing patterns. He finally reproduces the mixture of colours and he paints them as a mask. In the future, he will proudly carry the mask with him at all times so as to keep the powerful colours printed in his mind.

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