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Erotic painting with Pictor Mulier

Published on 9 May 2016 by Guillaume

Pictor Mulier is a Valencian erotic painter. He’s got a specific way of working and also accepts private orders. If you would like to address one of your fantasies to an artist, maybe Pictor can be one of them.

Pictor, what were you first painting when you started being quite skilled?

Paintings that were exalting the nudism, specially scenes of beach and scuba-diving. Occasionally, I return on the same topic.


Copyright Pictor Mulier

Are you using models for your erotic paintings or are you doing them from memory?

I use a photo of the model as a reference, but the background or scene is not real. My model says what she wants and I paint her naked body where she wants it to be. For example, a model sent me a photo in her room… but her sexual fantasy is to be nude in Stonehenge. So I’ve painted her fantasy.
I must say all my models are real women, usually amateur exhibitionist, that they give their sexuality throughout my art.
I also paint portraits of porn stars. In this case they are not looking like they show off. Porn stars love my art and they want to be a part of it.
I specially want to mention “Vienna”, my “musa pelirroja” (redhead muse). Her way of life is a constant source of inspiration for me. I adore her.


Copyright Pictor Mulier

How would you like your style to evolve?

I want to continue into erotic world. I love women’s bodies and I love their fantasies.
My technique skills have evolved to an impressionist style, with brushstrokes more and more free and more vibrants colours. I do not know what I will do eventually, but I am sure it will be always into figurative painting.


Copyright Pictor Mulier

Official website http://www.onlyeroticart.com

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