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Published on 11 Jan 2016 by Guillaume

A few weeks ago I’ve discovered an artist I’ve never heard of before: Tosin Abasi. I was actually just researching 8 string guitars when I found a video of Tosin introducing his work.

Not being only an incredible and innovative artist, I found him quite humble and attracting like you feel you’d wanna be his mate. His guitar technique is pretty incredible and he’s keen to share his secrets, I find that quite amazing, considering he could choose to keep his unique style safe from being reproduced.

His band, “Animals as Leaders”, has been described a progressive metal instrumental band, but it’s obvious Tosin has lot of other musical influences than metal and could easily improvise other kinds of music for hours.

I’m in general not that interested by pure technique and speed in guitar but more by the real emotion of a melody, even pretty simple. But I guess Tosin Abasi can do both and that caught my attention. Anyway it was just a short introduction to this lucky discovery and I’ll let you guys dig in to more of his work.

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