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Published on 14 Apr 2016 by Guillaume

Involving experimental colours and textures in a music video might most of the time create two kinds of reaction: either thinking it’s look tacky or very artistic. I personally think the new music video for the song Prayers/Triangles is very artistic. When it’s well done people like to call it pop art. It doesn’t need a label, it’s just cool to watch.

A music video doesn’t have to tell a story, it doesn’t have to be the plain same boring people singing on the stairs or under the rain. It can just be freestyle. And I’m sure you can look for meaning in this video, and it’s of course full of symbols. But I recommend to enjoy the textures, it’s to me the best part of the video.

They are using this grid filter amongst many other ones, and it looks amazing. This is the kind of effect you would like to be using along the whole video, once you start you can get addicted to it. Anyway enjoy this nice work.

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